About Us

We specialise in making cake baking tins / moulds/pans for Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentines and other various occasions.
Cake tins Wedding Cake Tins


We promise to deliver excellent quality made of food grade tin material.
Strong reinforcement for long life cake tins
Food Grade tin material
easily washable
Suitable for professional and new bakers.
Ideal tins for home baking
No butter paper or oiling required
No sticking or leaking
even heat distribution for throughout baking and even cake rising
Good value for money
Low postage and huge savings
Fantastic International postage rates.
Limitation of the use: Zinc has high a high solubility by contact with acidic foodstuffs. Therefore, zinc should not be used in contact with wet or humid acidic food stuffs; it can be used in contact with dry foodstuffs and with non –acidic food stuffs. Muffin and cake mixture do not tend to be acidic, however use of acidic foodstuff like Jam, fruits should be avoided.


Our prices are best in the market with no compromise on quality. As an assurance, we give you a 100% price match guarantee.


We aim to delivery in 2-3 working days within UK mainland and 4-5 working days world-wide.


We also manufacture cake tins / moulds in different shapes and sizes like circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, stars, hearts, ovals, petals, rectangles, mickey mouse, etc. We can also entertain tailor made requirements for any shape, size and design at the best price. Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Reliability and Assurance:

We have got 100% feedback and aim to achieve highest stand ards of value added customer service.

Return Policy:

If any of the item is faulty then we are happy to accept them as returns.
Our portfolio of direct manufacturing lines includes:
  • Snowing Christmas Trees – Flower Pot Base (4 Designs)
  • Illuminated LED bathroom Mirrors (5 Designs)
  • Cake Baking tins and Baking Pans (100 + Designs)
  • TopsyTurvy / Wonky Cake Baking tins and Pans ( 8 Designs)
  • Metal Cake Stands (30 + Designs)
  • Crystal Cake and Cupcake Stands (20+ Designs)
  • Chandelier Cake and Cupcake Stands (5+ Designs)
  • Chandelier Stackable Cake Bases (4 Designs)
  • Crystal Impression Rolling Pins (70+ Designs)
  • Air Brush Kits for Cake Maker Decorators (2 Models)
  • Fondant Ladies Heel/Shoe Making Kit (Designs)

  • Other Services:

    1. We can also manufacture cake tins of larger sizes and lengths of 18" up to 30" and different depths in various shapes and sizes. Please feel free to contact us.
    2. We also entertain wholesale queries.